Roasted Tomato Bread


My last post was about roasted tomatoes, and this bread was where that particular batch ended up.  This bread is yeasted, and by no means a quick one.  But I promise if you have the patience, it’s worth it!  I had made this bread once before but kind of threw it all together and didn’t write out any of my measurements.  Somehow this second time around I managed to double the flour and it became GIGANTIC. Continue reading


Oven Roasted Tomatoes


I like roasting things.  It started out as kind of a chore.  I wanted to cook recipes that called for canned tomatoes.  They are available here, but the nearest grocery store that has them is a bit of trek, it is freaking hot outside, and because they’re imported and on the heavier side, they’re pretty pricy.  So being lazy and cheap, I cursed the can of fire roasted tomatoes my chili recipe called for and headed to the market to buy tomatoes and do it myself. Continue reading